Teacher Collaborator
Project Description
Student Project Example
K. Zwolinski:
2nd grade
Students wrote 'How-to' books in classroom, then came to library to create a PowerPoint. The teacher librarian then imported the PowerPoint onto SlideShare and onto the School website
S. Eckert:
Gifted and Talented
Students researched chosen 'Notable Person', wrote a report, created a video, a 'Blabberize, and a tombstone.
S. Austin:
5th grade
Students researched animals that lived both in the Denver Zoo and in the wild. They each created a PowerPoint, written paper, and built an enclosure.
M. McQuinn:
7th grade
Students read a book, wrote a book review, and created a podcast.
M. McQuinn:
6th grade
Students researched unexplained mysteries and created loops with podcasts.
S. Greenough:
6th grade
Students wrote a personal narrative about their future and created a video with personal goals.