Action Plan



Date: November 2011 ..........................................School: Farrell B Howell ECE-8
Teacher Librarian: Megan McQuinn
Library Mission Statement:
The mission of the Farrell B Howell library is to ensure that staff, students, and parents become effective users of ideas and information.

School Improvement Goal(s)
Library ProgramGoal(s)
Who is involved?
By the end of the 2011-2012 school year,
21% of all students will score Proficient on the state wide CSAP.
By May 2012 collaborate with 2 4th grade and 2 3rd grade teachers to increase writing achievement by planning, collaborating, and co-teaching research and writing skills as we embed 21st century tools.
4thgrade Classroom teachers
3rd grades Classroom teachers
Collaborative planning template
Backwards planning template
Books, encyclopedias, websites
2 column note cards, transitional word chart, topic sentence templates- writing strategies from classroom.
Educational account with Mixbooks
Colorado History Museum – traveling assembly on Colorado peoples.
Meet with grade level teachers to backward plan the two different units, including timeline and daily responsibilities.

By May 2012 collaborate with Physical Education teachers to integrate technology into core curriculum.
PE teachers
Teacher Librarian
Backwards planning template
Books, youtube access
Storyboard template
Flip cameras
School website
Meet with grade level teachers to backward plan the unit, including timeline and daily responsibilities

Introduce new classroom teachers to possible collaborative projects that would integrate 21st tools into core curriculum.
All classroom teachers new to FB Howell
Teacher Librarian
School schedule of grade level meetings
Collaborative planning template
Meet with grade level teachers to inform and suggest possible mini projects to embed in core classroom curriculum.